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FM1: Write your own book for 3 weekends

FM1: Write your own book for 3 weekends

Many people want to write their own book. But for most of them this idea is nothing but dreams.

We will turn this dream into reality — in 3 weekends (if you are absolutely zero in writing books — this may take up to 3 weeks) we will help you to write your own book.

The REAL BOOK, that you can show your friend, colleagues, clients or partners… Even more — we will help you to publish it (it will be step by step instruction for you).

About us

You may ask — who are this guys? are they really professionals in this? How can I be sure that they can teach me writing books?

This are wright questions. If we were you we would ask them too…

So a little about us…

Andrey Parabellum Nikolay Mrochkovskiy

The books, written and published by Andrey Parabellum (books in russian language)


The books, written and published by Nikolay Mrochkovskiy (books in russian language)

How you will teach me?

The treining will go on in online format (webinar). Every 1-2 days we will meet in webinar, teach you some theory and give you specific exercises. You comply them and make report. Next time we discuss your reports, answer your questions and then go to next topic.

How much time I have to spend on this treining?

Maximum 1 hour every weekday and 8 hours in weekends. Minimum — half an hour every weekday and about 4 hours/day in weekends. Really you can do this even more soon, but you have job, business, sport, your personal life and etc.

What will be the topic of my book?

You choose the topic yourself, it doesn’t metter. Write about things you really like.

What are the advantages of having my own book?

The are many pluses for the author of the book:

  1. If you have business — your book can be the great sourse of new leads and clients
  2. Your book can help your find more interesting, prestigious and high-paid job
  3. You can raise your expert status
  4. Finally you can tell you friends that you wrote thу book, you can show it and be proud of yourself

The programm of treining FM1: Write your own book for 3 weekends

Part 1. Why do you need your book?

  1. Why do you need you book?
  2. Book as the tool of developing your business
  3. 3 goals of publishing your book
  4. The realities of Infobusiness: how the appetite comes
  5. Book publishing FAQ
  6. You don’t need to be guru to teach other people
  7. There are a lot of money around you
  8. From "Soft" to "Hard"
  9. Free advises

Part 2. How to write you book quickly and effectively?

  1. Book — big presentation on paper
  2. The quickest way to write book
  3. Book is published — what to do now?
  4. Book’s pricing — how much $ you can ask for your book?

Part 3. Writing your book — step by step instruction

  1. Start — let’s do it!
  2. Chose your topic? What will be the book about?
  3. Chosing the name of the book?
  4. Constructing the content of your book
  5. How many people know about your book? PR and feedback
  6. Writing the detailed content of each chapter
  7. Results of 1 week
  8. Speaking you book text in audio
  9. Translating audio in text
  10. Split text into chapters
  11. Mix facts with emotions
  12. Creating cover of your book
  13. Final

Part 4. Conclusions

  1. Be ready for negative feedback
  2. Myth about certificates and diploms
  3. The book is written — what is the next?
  4. Starting tsunami
  5. The fenomenon of
  6. Finding the truth

You can really stop dreaming and write your own book in 3 weeks! Just do it!

Imagine what a great present you can do to your relatives!

What is the price of treining?

The most part of the treining is absolutely free! You just need to join this treining below.

The last part will be charged for a small amount if you be sure that this is really what you need and decide to continue.

When the treining will start and how to join it?

We will start aproximately at 30 august 2010. The

Now please, fill the form below — and about 20 august we will send you the detailes about treining.

To join treining just fill the form

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