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Everything you want is out there waiting for you to ask. Everything you want also wants you, but you have to take action to get it. The Universe wants you to succeed.

Hi, I’m Jack Canfield. If you want to change any area of your life for the better — if you want more money, better health, great relationships, or just more happiness and joy in your life — you need to watch the next thirty minutes. I’m going to introduce you to the Law of Attraction and show you step by step how you can put it to work to create the life of your dreams.

When you know how to use the principles of the Law of Attraction in your life, it can bring you greater health, more money, greater success, better relationships, and deeper fulfillment. And Jack’s program is the most effective tool I know to use the Law of Attraction principles and put them into practice in your life, immediately.

And so, from a very young age I’ve started using it to grow my businesses, to find my soulmate, to achieve everything that I’ve wanted in my life, started with the Law of Attraction.

A good month for me used to be if I made $2500 dollars in a month. Now, because of applying Jack’s Law of Attraction principles, I’ve made as much as $500,000 in a month.

Um… I lost twelve pounds on my weight… uh, losing more… you know in the area of my relationship with my husband I had a real desire to have more romance, and more passion, uh, more closeness, and, um, one of his comments in our last vacation is “I feel like I’m in love with you more than I was when I met you.”

And so what Jack has done is create a tool for people to use to really implement and apply and get real value from this whole concept of the Law of Attraction.

Since I learned about the Law of Attraction and started applying it, my life has become truly magical. I live in the home of my dreams, I found and married my soulmate, I’ve travelled extensively, I get to vacation in some of the most beautiful places in the world. And all of this happened and continues to happen because of knowing how to use the Law of Attraction.

Jack Canfield has been living and teaching people the ancient principles of the Law of Attraction for over thirty years. He has presented the Law of Attraction on every major talk show, including: ‘Larry King Live,’ ’20/20,’ ‘The Today Show,’ and ‘Oprah.’ His own personal success is a testament to its power. He is one of America’s top-paid performance coaches and corporate trainers, co-author of ‘Dare to Win,’ ‘The Success Principles,’ and the co-creator of the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ series, which has sold over one hundred million books in forty-seven languages, generating over $1 Billion in sales. He holds the Guinness world record for having seven books on the New York Times Bestseller List at the same time.

I’m enjoying great success now, but it wasn’t always like this. I grew up in Wheeling, West Virginia. My mom was an alcoholic, and while my dad was a workaholic, he only made $8000 a year. I went to college on a scholarship, and my first job was teaching history in an inner-city school on the south side of Chicago. Nobody ever gave me anything on a silver platter.

It was there in Chicago that I met my mentor, self-made millionaire W. Clement Stone, and began to learn the secret of the Law of Attraction. You know, I discovered that some of the most famous and successful people throughout history have used the Law of Attraction. People like Plato, Galileo, Beethoven, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, and Henry Ford. You know, these principles have changed my life and the lives of thousands of my students, and I know they can change your life as well.

If you’ve lost your job, you’re in debt or in a bad relationship, you’re sick, depressed, or just need to lose weight, then the Law of Attraction can help. Jack has created the ‘Dream Big Collection — the Key to Living the Law of Attraction,’ which shows you exactly what to do to attract all the good things you want into your life.

The genius that I seem to have in life is the ability to collect things and put ‘em together in a way that really works. It’s what I did with the ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ books — compiled, you know, tens of thousands of stories into these best-selling books that transform peoples’ lives. And now I’ve done the same thing with the ‘Dream Big’ collection: taken all the aspects of the Law of Attraction that are critical and necessary… put ‘em in the order and the sequence that ya need so that you have everything at your fingertips to create the life you want, right now.

Now, let’s join Jack in front of a sold-out audience, as he teaches us the true power of the Law of Attraction.

Wow! Oh, thank you. It’s an honor to be here and have you all here tonight. I appreciate you coming. I’m gonna be sharing with you today the secret of creating the life of your dreams — the key to living the Law of Attraction.

And I wanna explain to you not only what you need to know, but what you need to do in order to live in harmony with this Law of Attraction. We’ve all heard about the Law of Attraction. We’ve seen the movie ‘The Secret,’ perhaps we’ve read the book. And yet, we go out… we see all people that’ve done this, and as I travel around the world I see people that are still going “But where’s my million dollars? Where is my perfect relationship? You know, I’m doing these things that I think I’m supposed to be doing, but there’s some pieces that are missing.”

So today we’re gonna talk about three principles of Law of Attraction. And you may be familiar with these, and if you’re not, I wanna make sure you are. And then I wanna talk to you about how to actually apply these into your life. And these are called: ask, believe, and receive. You have to ask for what you want; you have to believe it’s possible; and you have to open up to receive it. There is a space you have to be in. It’s kinda like when they deliver the UPS package — if you’re not there, they don’t leave it at your door. You know?

Ask. Clearly know what you want. Take time to clarify that. Most people never sit down and decide what it is they want in their life. Talk about only what you want, not what you don’t want. So you’re in this constant state of asking. Honor your desires — trust the things you’re attracted to. Now, in this ‘Dream Big Collection – The Key to Living the Law of Attraction,’ I’m gonna take you step by step through discovering your life purpose, your passion, your vision, and your goals.

When I watch people tell me that their life has changed, their relationships are better, they’ve started a company, they’re making the money they wanted, their life is more in balance, I get excited. That’s what lights me up. And so I want every one of you to know that anything that you want is possible. Don’t ever settle for less than what you want. Because what you want is sacred. It’s sacred to you, it’s sacred to your unfoldment, your development, your fulfillment. So, whatever it is, believe you can have it and take action to create it.

The Law of Attraction is really quite simple. It says “like attracts like.” But did you ever wonder why some people are very successful and others are not? It’s because some people don’t have the keys to success. And that’s why I created ‘Dream Big — the Key to Living the Law of Attraction.’ More than words, these are the tangible tools designed to help you implement the universal principles of the Law of Attraction in your life.


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